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Friday, September 25, 2015

Grandparents' Day

Hey there, fashionistas!  Are you as ready for the weekend as I am?!  I just love this time of year!  Football, lattes, leaves starting to fall, pumpkin everything...    

We celebrated Grandparents' Day at my school this week.  A little later than the actual holiday, but it was fun to still honor the kiddos' grandparents and/or special guests.  It's always tough for me to come up with something special to do because we only have limited time in the classroom (20 minutes) and I want to impress the grandparents!  I always start by having the students stand up, say their name and introduce their guest(s).  I give them a heads up ahead of time, but still always have one or two that realize they don't know they're grandma or grandpa's real name once they stand up to introduce them.  "Um, this is Nana and Papa...(whisper) Wait, what's your real name?"  Haha :)  This leaves us with about 15 minutes for an activity, cookies and juice. 

 This year, I left a Venn Diagram at everyone's seat to complete with their guest as everyone trickled in.  They came up with the best ideas, and it lead to a great discussion, generation to generation!  Find a free copy of this in my TPT store here.
Next, I had the students and guests complete an apply glyph activity together with the remaining time.  This is an activity that could easily be used outside of Grandparents Day, too!  I thought it might be fun to complete with our 1st grade buddies in the future.  I created my own apply glyph directions (find a copy here), but used the apple template from this product.  I was super thrilled with how they turned out!  

And of course, I had to look extra cute for the grandparents! :) 

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