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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lucky Charms and Neon Pink

As you know, we have been testing, testing, testing this month!  To make this week a little more fun and to show my students that I believe in them, I left this cute treat on their desks yesterday morning.  They were so excited to find their "lucky charms" once they found their seats in the morning!  Find this free testing printable, along with others, here.  Check out my "Rock the Test" post for more testing ideas!

 Yesterday also happened to be neon day at school!  It was a great excuse to put on my brightest pink top and candy colored necklace.  In high school, my friends and I would wear pink every Wednesday, even before Mean Girls (my favorite movie of all time) came out.   I still love it when I realize I'm wearing pink on a Wednesday! :) 

The top and necklace came from JCrew Factory awhile back, so they no longer have either piece available on their site.  Here are some of my favorite neon pink finds from their website for you to wear next Wednesday! 


 This one is going at the top of my wishlist! Ruffle-collar cami

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