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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What does fashion have to do with teaching?

What does fashion have to do with teaching?  Actually, not much.  But, let me share a few of my thoughts about style in the teaching world, and maybe encourage you not to reach for the first clean outfit you see in your closet in the morning.  Hey, we're all guilty of it! :)

1.  Dressing professionally helps others to view you as a professional.  I always try to dress up a little more on the first day of school or for meetings with parents.  Why?  First impressions are very important! 

2.  A killer outfit gives you confidence!  It does for me anyway! :) And a confident teacher is a happy teacher.  Being in a good mood contributes to a cheery classroom environment for your students.

3.  Kids love a teacher who has fun with fashion!  They love color, sparkle, pattern, new shoes, new hairstyles, you name it!  You can definitely take more risks in the teaching world than say, an office job, so take advantage of it!

Let me show you a few examples of what students think of fashionista teachers!

My mom, who is a first grade teacher, shared this paper with me.  I still crack up every time I read it.  I know it is hard to see, so allow me to share what the student wrote for the prompt, "The Worst Day I ever had."  "The worst day I ever had was when there was a sub for Mrs. Davies.  It was bad.  I did not like it at all.  She was wearing a plain white shirt and plain blue jeans and plain brown shoes!  It was very bad!  Mrs. Davies wears earrings, bracelets, and everything!  She wears fancy and colorful shirts and leggings and she looks beautiful."  Are you laughing out loud yet? :) 

 About a month ago, I gave my students a creative writing assignment in which they had to write about their teacher's secret life.  One student started off by saying, "I thought my teacher was professional.  She has cute clothes and whenever she curls her hair it is fabulous!  Like today she was wearing this cute dress from Target, and I'm like, how do you find this cute stuff girl!"  I started curling my hair a lot more after I read her paper since it looks so "fabulous!"  Here is a glimpse at the cute dress she was referring to!

Since today was one of the last chilly days of spring, I decided to get one last go in my Banana Republic boots that I found on sale in late February.  The bad news is, most stores have cleared out their winter apparel, so I don't have many links to the pieces I am wearing.  Use today's outfit as inspiration, rather than a detailed shopping guide! :) 

Dress: Target (similar here or here)
Cardigan: JCrew Factory (similar here)
Belt: Forever 21 (similar here)
Boots: Banana Republic (similar here)
Bracelet: VeryJane (found here)
Earrings: Forever 21 (similar here)
Cute puppy: You can't have her! :) 

So, fashionistas, what you wear to school really DOES make a difference to kids!  I would love to hear your stories!  What do you wear that your kids love? 

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  2. Adorable story, I agree with her! I always thought you had the cutest teacher clothes!

  3. Thanks, Kiley! I've definitely had my share of fashion misses with the students, too! I think you were in my classroom the year someone commented on my "bad hair day" when I was just trying out a new look!

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