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Monday, September 23, 2013

Management Monday

Happy Monday, friends!  I know my posts have been pretty fashion heavy as of late, so today I wanted to share some classroom tips with you today.  The school year is now in full swing, but I know I'm always looking for classroom management ideas, no matter what time of year it is, so I wanted to share a few ideas with you that have worked really well in my classroom.

#1)  This system works great for homework collection.  After students turn in their work to the basket, they highlight their name on a classroom name list.  This makes it so easy to account for student work by quickly glancing at the highlighted names to see whose I am missing.  I've used this system for three years now, and it works GREAT, especially in fourth grade when having a procedure for collecting homework is a MUST!

(Baskets from Really Good Stuff)

#2  When students leave the classroom, they move their owl magnet under the place they are going, whether it be the restroom, office or library.  (I keep the magnets on my file cabinet)  Students are still required to ask permission before leaving the classroom, but this makes it easy for me to quickly glance and see where a student is  in case I were to forget where I sent them, which actually NEVER happens, right? :)

#3  I know tons of you use these, but I just LOVE my clip chart, and so do my students!  I especially love the fact that students can move up on the chart, too, for positive choices.  Students who end the day on 'Soaring High' earn a certificate to take home that says '_________ had an 'Owl-standing' day in 4th grade!'  Next year, I would like to try having students earn a sticker for 'owl-standing' days that would add up for an ice cream party, or some other fun incentive.  I use numbers on my clothespins instead of names for student privacy.  I have a GREAT class, so we hardly ever have to move our clips down...yay!  Find this cute owl chart on TPT here.

Hope you got some great ideas to try in your classroom!  I'd love to hear your management ideas, too.  Just leave a comment!

One more picture to share with you...

How cute did my little sis look for her Homecoming dance on Saturday?  I had so much fun doing her hair and helping her get all dolled up!
Things are starting to slow down just a little for me and I feel like I'm finally able to catch my breath!  Whew! 
Hope you all have a fantastic week! Thanks for popping over!

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