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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'Pin-Spired' for Picture Day

Happy Tuesday, blog friends!  Today is your lucky day because I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers for the fun and fashionable monthly "Pin-Spired" link-up.  I missed last month's Pin-Spired party and I was super bummed, so I'm beyond excited to be a part of the fun for October!   I really enjoy putting together a Pinterest inspired outfit each month, and this month I just knew this would be the perfect opportunity to put together a picture day ensemble modeled after one of my favorite 'pins' from the month. 

Before I share my Pinterest inspiration and my creation, let me tell you a little story.  So, one day last year, I was running so late to school (Crazy Sock Day to be exact), that I didn't even have time to shower that morning, and my hair needed a serious washing.  I threw my greasy hair up into a messy ponytail and put on an old white t-shirt and jean skirt (the only thing I could find to match my red and white Santa socks) and headed to school.  As soon as I turned out of my neighborhood, I got a text from one of my teammates saying I was needed in the gym for the staff picture.  My heart seriously skipped a beat...I couldn't believe I forgot about picture day!  My terrible looking self is now dead center on all of my students' 4th grade class pictures that they will probably keep in their scrapbooks FOREVER!  It was the most awful day of life, friends...seriously.
This year I HAD to redeem myself.  I just knew this adorable pin I found a few weeks ago would be the perfect inspiration for my school picture day ensemble.  

It was perfect!  I already had the LOFT blouse in my closet, and I hadn't even thought to pair it with pantone green (a super hot color for fall).  My new green Gap pants paired perfectly with the top and a crystal statement necklace added the finishing touch for a fabulous picture day look!

Find my pants here, top here, and a similar necklace here.

Here's to hoping this year's photo turns out better than last year's!  (Although that shouldn't be too difficult)  Thanks, Pinterest!

Before I sign off for today, I have some exciting news to share: Lucy got a sister!  Meet Rosie, our new Pomeranian rescue pup.  We're already so in love with her! 


 Be sure to check out the super fabulous looks over at the hostesses' blogs: Pinterest Told Me To, Mix & Match Mama and The Larson Lingo.  Have a wonderful week, fashionistas!

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