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Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Tall Girl's Guide to Fashion

I've spent my life being a tall girl, and at 5'9 1/2" I've learned that height has it's blessings and curses, especially when it comes to fashion.  I tend to be able to wear a wide variety of styles, whether it be in dresses, denim or pants, some trendier styles that my shorter friends struggle to make work for them.  I also hardly ever have to get anything hemmed or altered, which is definitely a blessing!  My biggest struggle in tall girl fashion is hardly ever being able to find the perfect length of pants or dresses in my favorite stores.  I also would love to wear cute heels more often, but end up towering over everyone around me (including my 5'10" husband)  when I do.  Today I want to share a couple of my tips and tricks for how you can stand above the rest of the fashion world in style. 

1. I love fall and winter because I can buy dresses that would typically be too short to wear bare legged during the summer, but actually look like a proper length when paired with leggings and boots.  This is a dress I purchased this summer from Loft that ended up being too short to wear.  I loved the chambray shirt-dress style too much to take it back, so I ended up saving it to wear with leggings and boots later on.  I ended up LOVING this look for a baby shower over the weekend, and plan to get plenty of use out of it for school, too! 

2. Try the pants or dress on for size (minus length) in the store, and then see if it's available online in a "tall" size.  I buy all of my work pants from either Loft or Gap because they offer tall sizes online, and buy most of my dresses from Loft.  Find Loft's tall selection here and Gap's here.  Gap even offers some denim and pants in "talls" in the store.

3. I am grateful to be able to wear both skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans well.  If I'm not able to find what I'm looking for in either style in a "tall", I might wear the regular size as an ankle length, cuff them into capris, or tuck them into a boot.

4. As a tall girl, flats and boots without a heel are my best friend in the fall and winter.  Thankfully, as an elementary teacher, heels are pretty unrealistic anyway.  Most of my flats are JCrew Factory, Target, or Sperry Topsider.  My favorite pairs of riding boots are Nine West and Banana Republic from a couple of seasons ago.

Fellow long-legged beauties, now I want to hear from YOU!  What are your fashion tips and tricks?  Favorite places to shop? 

 Thanks so much for popping by today, fashionistas! Find me on Instagram for weekly fashion inspiration.  I plan to be back later on this week with my classroom tour (FINALLY!) Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Hi Jenna,
    Being a fellow tall gal, like yourself, I love your blog! I too know the joys and pains of being 5'9" ish - as a netballer the height is great, but my husband is the same height as myself and I'm not a fan of the whole Nicole Kidman-Tom Cruise look so I'm always looking for elegant flatties to wear to special occasions.

    My biggest tip - try tops on to ensure that they are the right fit, then stick with that brand!!!! As a tall teacher I struggled to find tops that were long enough and didn't show my mid-section when I raised my arms when writing on boards, demonstrating sports activities etc. - and were stylish, yet not $$$. Upon finding some, I now have some favourite shops for teacher and mummy friendly tops, including Jeans West (they now offer international shopping I believe), Old Navy, Gap, Wallis and Tempt.

    I'm still looking for the ultimate top for coaching purposes (I coach a Netball team at a selective sports high) as many still pull-up short!!!