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Sunday, September 20, 2015

I'm Baaaaaack!

Hey guys!  It's me, your long-lost blogger friend!  I swear I think about posting on this little blog at least weekly, but then life just gets in the way!  Now that the beginning of the school year craziness is starting to wind down, I'm hoping to be back to posting more on the regular.  You are all such awesome supporters and I so appreciate your sweet comments!  Thanks for sticking with me  :-)

I figured I better give you a little update on my life lately since it's been so darn long, so here goes:

Logan and I had a GREAT summer and traveled a ton!  We spent a week with his family in Estes Park in June, celebrated the 4th with my family in Okoboji, visited his brother in Dallas at the end of July, and flew to California for Labor Day weekend to visit friends.  Next up, we're headed to Minneapolis for Logan to run the Twin Cities marathon, and then I'm ready to chill at home for quite awhile!  All this traveling has been super fun, but I'm perfectly fine with being a homebody for the next few months!

We also finished our basement this last winter/spring, so we've been really trying to enjoy it this summer!  I'm hoping to post some more photos for you here soon!  We installed a projector instead of a T.V. and so far it's been great for football games this fall (and it's perfect for Bachelorette / Dancing with the Stars viewing parties, too!)  

I'm trying really hard to stay on a shopping budget with all of the basement and traveling expenses from this summer, but I feel like I'm really analyzing my purchases more than I did before, and getting more use out of my existing wardrobe.  I'm not working at Loft this fall, and that has actually helped me spend a little less, but I miss the interactions with my fun co-workers and clients, and the discount too :)

My school year is off to a great start!  I have a sweet group of 19 kiddos, which seems like a really small group compared to 26 from last year!  My team is brand-new to each other, but things seem to be going really well!  I've kept my owl theme, but moved classrooms, so I'm hoping to have some photos to show you in the next month or so.

The puppies are cute as ever, and Henry celebrated his first birthday last week.  He is our little rescue Yorkie we adopted back in November from the same rescue our sweet Rosie girl was from, who passed away last May.

While I've been neglecting the blog, I've been posting plenty of outfit and daily life photos over on Instagram.  Follow along if you aren't already: @thefashionistateacher.  Hoping to be back again next week!  I miss you guys!

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  1. Hi, Jenna! :) I'm Mond, a blogger from the Philippines who also happens to be a teacher. I really like your blog because I learn a lot about the educational system in your country. We Filipinos look up to the quality of education your country upholds. I look forward to exchanging comments with you about matters within the pillars of education; and of course, about fashion too :)

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