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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Closing Ceremonies

I am now on summer va-cay...yay!!!  I've already checked so many things off my summer to-do list: BBQ with friends, pool day, shopping, sleeping in with Lucy, girls lunch, whew!  It's been a really rough few days! :)   


It really was a great school year and I will miss my kiddos!  I always like to end the year with a "class good-bye," which has usually consisted of reading a sappy book and sharing a favorite memory from the school year.  I decided to keep this tradition this year, but also had my hubby help me create a photo slideshow DVD with a collection of pictures from the year set to music (actually way easier than it sounds!).  My class LOVED it!  It was so fun to see their wide eyes and smiles as they viewed photos of their favorite memories from fourth grade.  This will definitely become a new tradition!  

 This is the book I always read on the last day of school.  It celebrates the different things you can accomplish if you set your mind to it, kind of along Dr. Seuss's "Oh the Places You'll Go" theme.

When the slideshow ended, I passed out the First Day Jitters writing activity we did on the first day of school and a sweet treat.  The students were amazed by how nervous they were on the first day of school, since they ended up having such a great year!  A few even commented on how much their writing had improved this year!

 End of the year treat for the kiddos.  I stapled a tag that read, "Have a sweet summer!"

It's always a surreal feeling leaving my classroom for the final time of the school year, everything all packed up, almost like the busy bustle of a classroom full of kids is a distant memory.  It will only be two short months before I am back at work again, creating a second home for a new group of students!

 As you can see, I did leave most of my owl boards still hanging since I plan to have an owl theme again next year.  As you start to think about your classroom decor for next year, I know some of you are loving chevron!  Well, I just saw that Creative Teaching Press officially launched their new chevron collection.  Check it out here!  I may have to incorporate some chevron in with my owl decor.

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Thanks for stopping by!  Check back soon!
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