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Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Disneyworld Do's and Dont's

As most of you know, I have been spending the week vacationing with my husband's family on Florida.  We are having a great time!  Since we are only about a 90 min. drive from Disneyworld, Logan and I decided to take a little trip to the happiest place on Earth while we are here.  This was my 5th trip to Disney and Logan's first, so I knew I had to show him a good time.  As my sister would put it, I was "large and in charge," making sure we hit every hotspot in our two-day mini-vacay.  Planning a trip to Disneyworld can be very overwhelming to many, so I wanted to share my Do's and Dont's, as well as both mine and Logan's must-sees while at WDW.  

And yes, I know the content of today's post has absolutely nothing to do with fashion or teaching, but I REALLY love Disneyworld, and wanted to share my "expertise" with you!  If you're lucky, I MIGHT mix in some Disneyworld fashion Do's and Dont's. :) 

DO stay on Disney property.  Yes, the Disney resorts are more expensive than what you would pay elsewhere, but I think the convenience of the Disney transportation system alone makes up for price difference.  You hop on the Disney bus in the morning, get dropped off right by the gate to the park and ride back in the evening, or whenever you choose to leave (They shuttle throughout the day).  Some resorts even have monorail or ferry transportation to some of the parks.  Plus, I think staying on Disney property adds to the "magic" of a Disney vacation.  You really feel like you're in a different world when you're there, and you don't have to leave that magical world at night when you stay on property.   
We stayed at Disney's Old Key West resort on this trip.  I would highly recommend it!

DO reserve a few table service meals in advance when planning your trip.  Since we visited during the summer, it was VERY hot in the afternoon and we loved being able to cool down in the A.C. and eat our lunch.  I called about a week in advance (407-W-DISNEY) and asked for the cast member's recommendations.  Next time I go, I would research the best places to eat in my price range online (there are a TON of recommendations if you Google search) and book further in advance to try out some of the most popular.  If you're going with kids, I would suggest booking a character meal, so you can meet the characters WHILE eating...multi-tasking saves precious Disney time, folks!  Disney does have some REALLY great restaurants if you do your research and give them a try, and they're not all crazy expensive like I thought!

We ate at the World Showcase in Epcot (definitely a DO!) and on Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom.  The Japanese waitress in Epcot made these "special" chopsticks for all of the kids at our table...and me. :)   

DON'T try to see everything in one day.  You will stress yourself out and miss out on the magic!  If you're going for a day, choose 1 park and make a list of 5 "must-sees."  If you're going for a week, plan a day for each park, with an extra 'free day' built in to head back to your favorite park or spend a pool day at the hotel.  (Note: Magic Kingdom is the biggest of the 4 parks, and I would recommend 2 days there if you're a first timer)

And now for my Disneyworld fashion Do's and Dont's...

DO put some thought into your Disney outfit.  You will be posing for LOTS of pictures that will go into your scrapbook forever!  You want to dress comfortably, but not messy looking.

DON'T try to wear stylish shoes.  I would recommend packing at least two pairs of comfy tennis shoes.  You will be doing a TON of walking.  Tennis shoes don't have to be ugly.  Invest in a cute, new, comfy pair before your trip.

DO wear sunscreen.  (This one's for you, Mom!)  Yes, you're in Florida and want a tan, but nothing is worse than walking around all day, or all week, with a painful sunburn.  And remember to reapply, people!  

Two days of Disneywear for your inspiration:
T-shirt on the left: Gap (available here)
Mint shorts: JCrew (similar here Can I take a second to brag and say mine were $15!
Comfy shoes: Nike (similar here)
T-shirt on right: JCrew Factory (available here)
Coral shorts: JCrew Factory (available here)

Jenna & Logans Top 10 Disneyworld Must Sees and Dos  

(We didn't make it to Animal Kingdom this trip, so this list does not include Animal Kingdom attractions)

Honorable Mention: Space Mountain-Magic Kingdom, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular (if you're a fan)-Hollywood Studios, Pirates of the Caribbean-Magic Kingdom)  

10. Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios

9. Soarin' at Epcot...We didn't make it here but heard great things, so I'm sure it would be higher on the list if we had experienced this ride)

8. Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage at 
Hollywood Studios

7. Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom

6. Rock n' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios

5. World Showcase at Epcot 
(Better for adults, but still fun for kids!)

4. Meet a Disney Character...or twenty...but at least one!  Hellooooo, you're at Disneyworld!

3.  See a parade...I would recommend either the Main Street Electrical Parade or A Dream Come True Parade at Magic Kingdom

2. Wishes Nighttime Spectacular and Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

1.  Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios

Checking out #5 on the list, Epcot's World Showcase...
(Logan was a BIG fan of every part!)

Checking off #4 on the list...we just HAD to meet the mouse who started it all!

Now, it's your turn!  I want to hear your Disneyworld Do's, Dont's, Recommendations and Must Sees and Dos!  I can't wait for my next trip to the happiest place on Earth, and want to hear your expert opinions!

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