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Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School Fashion Week Day 5

It's Friiiiiiiday!!! Can you tell I'm a happy girl??  I went back to school on Wednesday and I. AM. EXHAUSTED.  What am I going to do when I'm faced with a FULL week next week? 

Okay friends, it's time to GET EXCITED!  Day 5 of Back to School Fashion Week is here!  It also happens to be the LAST day of this series which makes me a little sad because I've had so much fun sharing my back to school fashion ideas with you!

Today I'm sharing pieces from my favorite stores that are at the top of my fashion wishlist for back to school.  I hope to provide you with some ideas as you head out to do your BTS shopping!  (Click the picture for a link to purchase)

1.  These tan ankle pants from LOFT could be worn with about anything!  I think the length of this pant is so flattering and polished.

2) This polka dot blouse could be worn with #1 or a pair of brightly colored pants to really make your fun style pop!

3) These booties from Ann Taylor are just so classy!  I usually am not a "heels" girl since I'm 5'10 with flats, but the black suede and leopard detail make me drool!

4) I am in need of a new leopard print belt and this one from JCrew Factory is PERFECT!

5)  BOTH pairs of these earrings are so trendy and versatile, I can wear them every day! :) 

Shopping Tip of the Day: 

Strongly consider your shopping crew.  There are basically two kinds of shopping for me: "browing for fun" and "on a mission."  When I'm on a mission for a something specific, I prefer to shop alone.  I've found that when I take someone with me, I don't end up buying what truly catches MY eye.  Everyone has unique taste and your friend doesn't always have the same vision for the piece that you are eyeing, so in this case, go alone.  You know yourself best and  won't have others' opinions to sift through when making a decision.  If you're just out shopping for fun and you're not really in need of anything, it's fun to go with a friend or family member.

 Today is your last chance to link up!  Grab the image at the top of today's post and share your 'back to school' outfit with us!   Check out Katie's post from today about teacher wardrobe staples here.  I promise it will be worth your time!

Whew!  What a week!  Thanks so much for joining me for 'Back to School Fashion Week.'  See you next time! 

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  1. I'm a few days late, but did a post to link up with you! Not back at school yet, but did a post anyway! I love your shopping tips! Every one this week has been spot on!
    ~Kim @ Confessions of a Multitasker

  2. I completely agree with shopping alone when looking for something specific!
    Just found your blog and I am now following!!
    Looking forward to keeping up and reading more posts!!

  3. Hi Jenna! Great ideas! I'm Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at) :-)