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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back To School Fashion Week Day 4 (Throwback Thursday Style!)

Well, hello there and welcome to Day 4 of Back to School Fashion Week!  If you missed out, be sure to check out Days 1, 2 and 3 here, here and here.

 In honor of Throwback Thursday (and maybe partly because I have a large pile of lamination to cut out before Open House tomorrow), I am showing off some of my favorite outfits (all featuring denim jackets) from past posts that would make great back to school ensembles.  If I haven't already convinced you to invest in your own denim jacket, hopefully you're ready to add one to your closet by the end of today's post.  Enjoy!

**Note: some links may no longer be relevant, but use the images as inspiration as you shop!

Outfit #1:

Shopping Guide:
Paisley cropped pants: Ann Taylor (available here) 
Pink shell: LOFT (available here)
Denim Jacket: JCrew Factory (similar here)
Statement Necklace: LOFT (no longer available)

Outfit #2:

Pink Skirt:  JCrew Factory (available here)
Denim Jacket: JCrew Factory (similar here)
Neon Necklace: JCrew Factory (no longer available, see others here)
Gold bracelet: Apple of My Eye Jewelry on Very Jane (available here)
Gold sandals: Target (available here)

 Outfit #3:

Yellow Pants: LOFT (available here)  
*My pants are actually the ankle style, but since I'm so tall they look like crops!

 Polka Dot Tee: Ann Taylor (available here)
*I also love this stretch cotton tee in a similar design!
Denim Jacket: JCrew Factory (available here)

Gold Sandals: so old!  
But, I found 3 new pairs from Target that are SO CUTE and super affordable!  
Check them out here, here and here.

Cute puppy: You can't have her!  You can meet her here, though!  

Shopping Tip of the Day:

DO subscribe to your favorite store's e-mails.  I know it's a pain to sift through daily deals from every store you've ever shopped at, but many offer in-store deals that only their e-mail "insiders" know to mention.  Set up a separate e-mail account just for store e-mails, so that you can check daily for sales and don't have to worry about keeping your inbox organized.  Smart phones have made e-mail deals so much more convenient since you can open your e-mail account in the store, search for deals, and show the e-mail to the cashier to receive the promotion.


Thanks for popping by for Day 4 of Back to School Fashion Week!  Check out sweet Katie's Day 3 look hereRemember, only 1 more day to link up!

Have a wonderful Thursday, fashionistas!

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  1. Girlfriend! Nailed the denim jacket look! I completely agree, a denim jacket is a staple!

  2. I am enjoying your fashion week so much! You have great style!!
    And, those little helpful tips are awesome too!

  3. Love it! Going school shopping this weekend! = )