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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's Happening in 4W?

Since I haven't posted anything classroom related in awhile, I thought I better share a few fun classroom photos of recent activities happening in my fourth grade classroom for your inspiration. After all, my favorite way to get ideas for my own classroom is by looking through other teachers' photos!  So, enjoy! :) 

I FINALLY got my reading academic vocabulary word wall up.  This has been an almost year-long project...Collecting a few posters here and there, eventually getting around to laminating them, etc.  Teachers: you know how it goes!  The vocabulary word posters were all purchased from various sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers and I made the word wall headers myself, which can be purchased on my TPT store here.  We call the words on our word wall "NeSA Words", since they are all important words to know for our Nebraska state reading test in the spring.

A closer look...

We place a sticky note star on the vocabulary/concept focuses for the week.  For example, our Reading Street story this week was So You Want to President?, so the star went up next to 'Informational Text,' and we focused on main idea and details as our skill and inferring as our strategy, so stars were placed on those words as well.

Find the genre posters here, comprehension skills and strategies here, figurative language posters here, parts of speech here, and story elements here.

While focusing on main idea last week with our So You Want to Be President? anthology story, we read Duck for President to practice identifying main idea in fiction texts, too.  Students wrote the main idea on a sticky and placed it on the anchor chart.  We read each sticky and talked about how some were worded slightly different, but they each said basically the same thing.  I love to use anchor charts to teach major concepts, and leave the chart up in the room for the week so my students can reference them as we practice the skills.

To review multiplication and division basic facts with my students as we approach our long division unit, we recently completed some super fun Halloween math activities!

Our candy corn fact family craft turned out so cute!  Students chose three different digits to write on the top and bottom of their candy corn, and then wrote the multiplication/division fact family in the center.

Special thanks to my fabulous teaching partner for this fun math idea...

The kiddos each chose six digits to write on the outside windows of their haunted houses, and then listed the first ten multiples of each number on the inside of the window.  Who says math can't be fun? :)

And I just had to show you my super cute new outfit before signing off today!  Mixing prints is totally "in" for fall you know!

Gotcha!  It was mis-match day at school last Thursday, so this was my take on the theme.  You should have seen the looks on my kids' faces when they saw what their usually stylish teacher was wearing.  I enjoyed playing dumb when they asked if I was participating in mis-match day. :) 

Don't forget to send your fashion and gift giving questions my way for my Fall Fashion Q & A coming up soon!  You totally trust me after that last picture, right? :) 

Thanks for popping over!  Have a great week, fashionistas!


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